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How much time does the DJ need to set up? Around 30 minutes. The setup time is not included in the total playing time that the DJ was booked for.

When is the best time to pay the DJ? Please pay the DJ at the start of the function.

How much space does the DJ need? Around 3 x 2 meters. Also, please provide a table and power point.

Can the DJ play my own songs? Yes. Just let the DJ know which tracks you want played on your CDs.

Does the DJ play song requests from my guests? Yes, as long as the music is similar to what the customer wants played.

Will the DJ have a microphone for speeches? Yes,

Can the DJ play longer than what was originally planned? Yes, just let the DJ know that you would like to them to play longer, usually in half hour blocks.

Can the DJ MC? Yes, the DJ can make small announcements if required during the night. Wedding DJs will announce all formalities throughout the night.